About Miriam Berger:

 Miriam H.F. Berger, is Director of Anka Kusu, a Middle Eastern Music and Dance troupe located in Somerset, New Jersey (www.AnkaKusu.net).  She has been dancing since her first ballet dance lesson before she was 5 years old and began studying jazz dance soon after. High school and college saw continued dance experience along with involvement in acting, stage choreography, and theatrical makeup.  Around the same time, involvement in local Renaissance Festivals gave Miriam her initial contact with belly dancing and her first informal lesson in the ancient art which cemented her love for it. She began formal study of belly dance in 2004 and has never looked back. Miriam’s primary focus is ATS (American Tribal Style) and its many offshoots, and combining it with classic Middle Eastern folkloric style movement.  She has studied extensively with Peggy Eckert the founder of Fringe Benefit, Kimberly Costa the current director of Fringe Benefit, Karin Hein of Kassar Tribal, and Christiane and Jaz of  Ak’ana as well as having taken workshops with Chadia of Gypsy Caravan, Linda Chehade, Suhaila Salimpour, Aneena, Saqra, Alyeeza, Sera Solstice, Shukriya, Leila Haddad and many others.

Photo Credit: Meredith Bailin Hull (www.meredithbailinhull.com)



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